National Neighborhood Day

The Good Feeling Lasts All Year

The Third Sunday in September Each Year


National Neighborhood Day inspires, builds, and sustains the neighborhood relationships that provide the foundation for civic action and the building of stronger, more caring and effective communities.


Robert D. Putnam

(On National Neighborhood Day)

"Communities work better ( students perform better, crime rates are lower, kids are safer, people live longer) when neighbors know one another better. Knowing your neighbor on a first-name basis, as National Neighborhood Day suggests, is a surprisingly effective first step toward a better America."


National Neighborhood Day was established to reinforce the relationships that form the fabric of our communities. It is a day of simple gatherings to share food, fellowship and fun while re-kindling friendships; welcoming new neighbors; catching up on each others' families, interests and needs.

Bringing neighbors together builds connectedness. And connectedness builds more satisfying, self-sufficient and effective communities that strengthen our nation as a whole. 

National Neighborhood Day is celebrated in neighborhoods across the country each year on the third Sunday in September.