National Neighborhood Day

The Good Feeling Lasts All Year

Planning Guide

Step-by-Step Planning Guide

  • Minimum of 2 weeks before National Neighborhood Day, download our invitation and/or flyer templates, customize for your gathering, make copies, and distribute to your neighbors

  • See Ideas for Your Gathering for fun things to do at your gathering

  • See Tools & Templates and feel free to adapt them for your use!

  • Invite the fire department, police, mayor, nonprofits, etc.

  • Obtain the necessary permits and permissions if you are planning to block off streets or rent dumpsters or use a public facility or park, etc.

  • Gather/borrow/buy supplies: tables, chairs, games, food, drinks, cups, plates, napkins, utensils, grill, trash bags, etc. Many local businesses will gladly donate goods and services--Ask!

  • Ask neighbors to help organize and provide supplies

  • Have name tags for people to fill out

  • Print copies of the neighborhood list template and have people sign up at your gathering

Key Success Factors

  • Compile a neighborhood list at the gathering (see Tools & Templates

    • The list contains name, address, and contact information and is an easy reference throughout the year

    • Add anything else to your list, such as interests, careers, kids’ names, opinions on neighborhood priorities, etc.

    • Get a volunteer to take responsibility for keeping the neighborhood contact list up to date and emailing updated list to neighbors

    • This simple tool inspires and facilitates ongoing connections beyond Neighborhood Day itself

  • The more people who have a role in the organizing and contributing to the gathering, the more people will feel empowered and inspired to be actively involved throughout the year

  • Define neighborhood however you want, remember to keep the size manageable so everyone will be able to meet each other

  • Hold any gathering or combination of gatherings that you want – but remember to make it simple and fun so that you and your neighbors are willing to carry it out year after year

  • You may have to invite 100 neighbors to get 30 to participate, but that is fine – it is enough of a start to get the ball rolling toward a more satisfying neighborhood for everyone

  • The hardest part can just be working up the courage to invite your neighbors! Remember, people want to know each other they just need the ice breaker!