National Neighborhood Day

The Good Feeling Lasts All Year

Frequently Asked Questions


What is a gathering?

  • A block party, potluck, service project, neighborhood clean-up – whatever is fun and easy for you and your neighbors to plan and carry out. You decide what works best in your neighborhood. See Ideas for Your Gathering.

How is a neighborhood defined?

  • However you choose to define it!

    • Your street or block or surrounding blocks
    • Your apartment or condominium
    • Floor of your apartment building
    • Area surrounding your nearby school or place of worship
    • Houses along your stretch of road
    • Your local park
    • Your local business district

Why a single day for NND?

  • We recommend a single day to serve as a rallying point - an easy reminder to annually “refresh” neighborhood connections.
  • The third Sunday in September is a day that works well with our partners’ annual calendars and fits with most school schedules. And the weather is usually nice!
  • But...the most important thing is to connect!

This sounds familiar – isn’t there already something like NND?

  • Clambakes, Fourth of July, Halloween, days of service, problem solving discussions, neighborhood barbecues – all good things. NND is a day that may be used to promote and increase involvement in any number of other local activities. The more connections, the better neighbors come to know each other, the more good things happen organically (community service, collaboration, emergency preparedness, youth/adult mentor relationships, etc.)
  • NND is about neighborhood relationships: building neighborhood relationships and inspiring activities, methods and tools for deliberately making connections that make a difference to individuals, neighborhoods and the larger community.

Does National Neighborhood Day support any causes? 

  • No.  We are non-political and non-sectarian.